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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview and Predictions

Posted by on January 13, 2011 at 1:14 PM EST

jersey shore season 3 episode 2Jersey Shore Season 3 episode 2 preview and predictions.

Tonight’s Jersey Shore Season 3 episode, “It’s Gonna be an Interesting Summer” will involve more drama from Sammi and Ronnie. Apparently, Sammi and Ronnie end up isolating themselves from the rest of the group, until Ronnie has enough of it and actually takes the initiative to socialize with the others more. This leaves “Sweetheart” Sammi feeling frustrated and alone in the “Jersey Shore” house.

Cry me a river, sweetheart. Couples who have no life outside of each other are far too common these days. It’s important to branch out and have a night out with the girls (or boys); otherwise, co-dependency is inevitable. Psychoanalysis of Westernized reality TV romances aside, the Ms. Cleo in me is sensing a lot of tension between Ronnie and Sammi in tonight’s “Jersey Shore” episode, with Sammi probably crying and whining a lot and Ronnie feeling understandably frustrated and annoyed.

The Jersey Shore Season 3 premiere showed a major altercation between JWoww and Sammi, with Snooki clearly siding with JWoww. New girl Deena seems to be fitting in well and Episode 2 will probably be showing a lot of her shenanigans to give the audience more of a feel for what appears to be a very fun personality. Will Deena Nicole Cortese be baring it all (yet again) for Mike? Tune in to MTV tonight at 10|9c to find out!



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