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Edward Furlong: Poor ‘Green Hornet’ Actor

Posted by on January 13, 2011 at 10:27 AM EST

edward furlongEdward Furlong, star of the upcoming movie “Green Hornet” is broke.

Edward Furlong broke is maybe one of those cautionary takes that the Hollywood dream isn’t all that it appears to be. Yesterday Furlong, who stars in the upcoming Green Hornet, was arrested for violating a restraining order. This is just the latest in a string of ugly incidents, arrests and problems in Edward Furlong’s life.

Furlong is probably most famous for playing a young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. For that movie he was literally plucked from obscurity like a story you would see in a movie. He was hanging out at an arcade with some friends. A casting director for Terminator 2 saw him and thought he looked right for the part. They had him audition and even though he had never acted before, he got the part. That role made him a star and led to string of successful movies that also earned him acclaim as one of the best young actors working.

Ten years later he was not recast in Terminator 3 and that may have been the first real sign that his career was in a downward slide. As his movie career started to slide so did his personal life. Edward Furlong was romantically involved with Jacqueline Domac who was his on-set tutor for several years. He was 15 at the time they started dating and she was 29. He has been arrested a few times for DUI and has also been to rehab a few different times.

While Furlong has continued to work through his personal issues it seems like the quality of the gigs he is getting is getting worse and worse and paying less and less. His arrest yesterday was for violating a domestic restraining order. He is also a month behind on his child support payments and told a judge today that he is “completely broke.” His ex, Rachael Kneeland wants both her child support and spousal support payments increased, but Furlong claims to not have any money with which to pay her.

While I have no idea what he was paid for the Green Hornet, it was probably a pretty nice payday. If he has already blown through that money I actually feel sorry for his kid because it makes it look like they will not be able to count on him as they grow up. Furlong has made millions over the years. If he really has blown through it all and isn’t just playing a game in an effort to get his payments reduced, it is just another sad chapter in his life.

At age 14 he was plucked from obscurity to star in one of the biggest movies of all time. It was like being handed a winning lottery ticket. But like so many lottery winners, it looks like Furlong may end up with nothing to show for it all other than a few wild stories.



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