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Nightly Robot: Obama Speech, Brett Favre, Ted Williams

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 7:48 PM EST

barack obamaPresident Obama speech scheduled at memorial service in Tucson, Arizona, Brett Favre sister Brandi Favre arrested in meth bust and Ted Williams headed to rehab.

Obama speech is trending as the President will speak at the memorial service tonight in Tucson, Arizona. It is said prior to the service Barack Obama visited Gabrielle Giffords who was a victim in the recent Jared Lee Loughner shooting. Brett Favre’s sister Brandi Favre was arrested today in a Meth Lab bust in Mississippi and Ted Williams rehab bound as the man with the golden voice seeks treatment.

Your regularly scheduled television programs will be interrupted tonight as an Obama speech is planned at McHale Memorial Center in Tucson, Arizona. We are told that President Obama will address the community in a gathering as they mourn the victims of the recent Jared Lee Loughner shooting spree. I know for a fact that CBS will be airing the speech which will begin at 8|7c. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gabrielle Giffords and the families of those who lost someone in this tragic act of violence.

Brett Favre is in the headlines once again but this time it is not for anything he did. It turns out that Favre’s sister, Brandi Favre was arrested today in a Meth Lab drug bust. Brandi was one of five suspects detained after cops raided an apartment complex in Mississippi. All five of the people were taken to be decontaminated and then should be booked into police custody. As of right now I have not seen a statement released by Brett on behalf of his sister.

Last but not least is Ted Williams, the homeless guy with a golden radio voice. It turns out that after Williams’ run in with the law yesterday, he is headed to rehab. We have already reported that Williams has received a ton of job offers and now it looks like he wants to get clean before he accepts them. Ted Williams will be going to rehab and then I can expect we will see him doing some sort of professional sports commentating in the near future.



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  1. Why is the President’s speech, on a national tragedy, in the same article and paragraph with insignificant articles about two nobody’s; while Sarah Palin is given an exclusive article and video, to defend her sorry self?

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