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Charlie Sheen Rehab Imminent

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 6:38 PM EST

charlie sheen rehabCharlie Sheen calls in sick to Two and a Half Men; rehab is imminent.

Charlie Sheen spent the weekend on a porn star binge out in Las Vegas. Sheen reportedly made it to work on Monday with no problem whatsoever. Today we learned that the booze-loving actor (soon-to-be rehab bound) called in sick due to an “ear-infection.” I am sure his weekend antics with Bree Olson and Bombshell McGee had nothing to do with that. Does Sheen really have an ear-infection or is that code word for STD?

While I can’t officially claim that the “ear-infection” Charlie Sheen has is bogus, it does seem rather coincidental. Porn filled weekend in Vegas and four days later he is sick? I wouldn’t put it past him that he caught something from Bombshell McGee…who knows where she has been, besides Jesse James of course.

For now we will stick to the story that Sheen’s rep is selling; he has an ear-infection. What are your thoughts on the Charlie Sheen rehab question? Yes or No?



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