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The Biggest Loser Recap: Emotions Run Wild

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 5:26 PM EST

the-biggest-loser-recapThe Biggest Loser Season 11 returned last night with quite an emotional 2nd episode.

The newest episode of Season 11 of The Biggest Loser started off with some emotion. Irene is taking her mom being eliminated from the show pretty hard. She feels alone and is sad because everyone else has a partner. She is the only one that is alone and has nobody to support her.

Ali calls Bob and Jillian Michael’s team in for a meeting. She lets them know that the five teams who chose the mystery trainers lost more weight than they did last week even though they have one less team. She then tells them that if they can beat the team with the mystery trainers and lose more weight than them this week that they will all be safe from elimination this week and they will earn $10,000. That really seems to motivate everyone.

Bob and Jillian decide to mix things up a little bit. They split their team into two groups for their workout. Bob keeps his attention on Arthur – who at over 500 pounds was the biggest person ever to be on the show – and has him jog at a slow pace that he can handle. Arthur struggles, but with Bob’s help and encouragement he does it. He tells Bob that this is the furthest he has ever walked/jogged on a treadmill in his life.

By now The Biggest Loser group working with the mystery trainers is being called the “Unknowns”. At the Unknowns camp the teams are also being split into two. The mystery female trainer, who we know is boxer, helps some of the contestants work a heavy bag. She encourages them to take out all their anger and frustration on the bag itself. Back at Bob and Jillian’s compound Jennifer confides in Jillian that she is worried that if she loses weight, but her dad doesn’t, she will feel guilty about it. Jillian tells her she should open up to her dad about this and Jennifer says she will do just that.

The Unknowns start the mind games as they send Bob and Jillian’s crew a box of warm donuts. Arthur takes the box and has everyone stomp on it. After they crush the donuts Arthur is tempted to eat one anyway, but he fights the urge.

They bring in a doctor (Doctor H. ) who runs some tests and tells each contestant what their “inner-age” is. Courtney who is 22 and has been a fireball so far this season is crushed to find out her inner age is 40. Olivia is also upset when she is told that her weight can affect her singing.

During this week’s challenge Bob and Jillian’s team must use air mattresses to build a bridge and get all of their contestants across some water. They have to go from a beach to a pier and it is a pretty good distance. Bob and Jillian’s team is told that the Unknowns did it in 37 minutes which was more than enough to get them the win as Bob and Jillian’s crew only makes it about half the way there in 37 minutes.

Both teams hit the gym for one last workout before the weigh-in. Bob and Jillian’s teams seems a little down while the Unknowns are confident and riding high.

At the weigh in Bob and Jillian’s team is told that the Unknowns lost a total of 2.46% of their body weight this week so they will have to beat that number if they want to win. While they are not very confident, Arthur puts them over the top. He is the last to weigh in and his loss of 13 pounds he helps his team beat the unknowns by 11 pounds. Everyone on their team wins $10,000 and they are all safe for another week on The Biggest Loser.



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