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LeBron James Twitter Tirade 2011

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 2:24 PM EST

lebron jamesLeBron James hates on the Cleveland Cavaliers via Twitter.

LeBron James who is the epitome of hate for Cleveland Cavaliers fans as added fuel to the fire. It seems that LeBron took to Twitter and put his former NBA team on the spot. It all stemmed from the loss that the Cavs suffered on Tuesday night when they met the Los Angeles Lakers. Immediately following the loss, LeBron James (Miami Heat) tweeted that karma is a bitch.

There are some subjects that should just drop and move on from and the LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers hate is one of them. With his recent tweet, James did nothing more than stir the angry pot that is chock full of hating fans that feel like LeBron sold them out. Granted his move to the Miami Heat was gone about in a completely ridiculous fashion, I don’t honestly think he deserves all of the hatred he is getting. I mean burning his jersey… come on people. If James ever had a glimmer of hope that his Cavs fans would forgive him, it’s now gone with the recent Twitter post.

By the way the score of the Lakers-Cavaliers game was quite embarrassing as L.A. destroyed Cleveland 112-57. What are your thoughts on the recent LeBron James – Cleveland Cavs Twitter tirade? Email us at leads@robotceleb.com



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