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Hump Day Robot: Nadya Suleman, Kim Kardashian, Charlie Sheen

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 11:03 AM EST

octomomNadya Suleman aka Octomom gets help from porn king, Kim Kardashian botox rumors piss her off and Charlie Sheen parties hard with Bombshell McGee and Bree Olson.

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom is back in the news as Vivid Entertainment’s Steve Hirsch aids her in the financial debacle she is caught up in. Kim Kardashian botox rumors tick the reality TV star off and Charlie Sheen parties it up with Jesse James’ mistress Bombshell McGee and Bree Olson.

First up is Nadya Suleman aka Octomom who we have reported might lose her house. It turns out that adult entertainment extraordinaire Steve Hirsch has finally stepped in. TMZ is reporting that Hirsch will cover Suleman’s February mortgage payment in an effort to get her back on her feet. Now no detail has been revealed yet as to what Octomom is going to owe Hirsch for his generosity. For all you sick perverts out there an Octomom porn might just be released after all.

Speaking of Steve Hirsch and Vivid, Kim Kardashian Botox rumors have the porn reality star in an uproar. We recently reported that Kim looked like she had fuller lips in some photographs and despite everyone’s theories of plastic surgery, Kim K denies it. She claims that her recent bout with the FLU is the reasoning behind her fuller lips… I supposed a case of the childhood chicken pox is the cause of her gigantic ass? While Kim Kardashian may decline it, I still say she received Botox injections!

Last but not least is everyone’s favorite party animal, Charlie Sheen. Charlie was out in Las Vegas over the weekend, living the American dream. It turns out Sheen was accompanied by Bree Olson and Bombshell McGee among other lovely ladies from the adult entertainment industry. Now friends of Charlie are extremely concerned as they think the actor is on a downward spiral and will hit rock bottom soon. The funny thing is that after his triple X weekend in Vegas, Charlie Sheen returned to the set of Two and a Half Men and continued work without a hitch. I say leave the guy alone until he starts doing cocaine like Lindsay Lohan, then it may be time for some help.



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