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Bridalplasty Episode 5 Recap

Posted by on January 11, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST

bridalplastyBridalplasty Season 1 Episode 5 recap.

What do the girls have to do this week on Bridalplasty to fight their way to being top bride and win a plastic surgery off of their “wish list”? Unfortunately, it is an unexciting round of photo scavenger hunt on Venice Beach. The show seemed to promise an interesting episode after Shana brings in the ladies’ future mothers in law. However, other than Cheyenne losing her FMIL Sue shortly after arriving in Venice, the challenge fell flat. No uncomfortable arguments between the brides and mothers like I had hoped.  After returning to the house, points were counted up, with Dominique winning top bride. After Dominique was whisked away to get brand new veneers, Kristin and Lisa Marie were left behind as the two bottom brides.

While Dominique is away the girls must decide who they want to keep in the house and who will be sent home. THIS is where the show gets interesting. So far Jenessa has been manipulating votes, keeping her and her alliance members (one being Lisa Marie) in the house. Kristin knows she has Cheyenne’s vote to stay, leaving Allyson as the swing vote. Later, Allyson hears Kristin describing Lisa Marie as a cockroach that won’t die and shares this with Jenessa, letting her know it has made her wonder about Kristin’s character. At the Bridalplasty RSVP ceremony Cheyenne sits at Kristin’s table as expected and Allyson is called next to make her decision. Shocking Jenessa, she also sits at Kristin’s table.  Although Kristin has already won the right to stay in the house with two votes, Shana asks Jenessa to reveal her vote. In a move worthy of the most cunning reality TV contestants Jenessa completely throws Kristin under the bus and tells everyone about Kristin’s cockroach remark hoping to break up Allyson and Kristin’s friendship (and to make Kristin look like an asshole I’m sure). Then Jenessa sits at Kristin’s table, knowing at this point she has nothing to gain by sitting with Lisa Marie. I have to say, brilliant move, except now it’s just her and Dominique left in their alliance.

Next week should be an interesting one when the ladies’ fiancés are brought in and everybody is hooked up to a lie detector. Stay tuned to find out who will be next to win a trip under the knife when Bridalplasty airs Sunday nights at 9|8c on E!




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