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Survivor Redemption Island Cast Preview 2011

Posted by on January 11, 2011 at 4:48 PM EST

survivor redemption islandThe new season of Survivor doesn’t start until February 16th, but today we got some new information about the cast and some of the particulars about the show Survivor: Redemption Island itself.

Survivor: Redemption Island begins in a little over a month on CBS. First, let’s start with some of the game information. This season, instead of leaving the game, when someone is voted out they are taken to Redemption Island. They live there alone in exile until a second castaway is voted out and arrives at the island. Once the second castaway arrives the two will compete in a head-to-head Survivor challenge. The winner stays on the island and the loser is sent home for good.

At some point in the game the person on Redemption Island will be returned to the game and allowed to rejoin the battle for the $1 million dollars.  This is a great twist because those who are in the game will have no idea when or who is coming back and that person will likely stir the pot when they return. Second, we have the return of two former all-star Survivor players. These are supposedly two well-known and liked and/or hated people. The rumor has it that it will be Russel Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano, but the producers of the show have not confirmed anything as of today. These two have a fierce rivalry, but will have to survive their own tribes first before they can go head-to-head.

Moving on to the remaining castaways there are 18 people that will be divided between two tribes called Ometepe and Zapatera. Each tribe will have nine members and one returning all-star. It looks like there is no special division this season. Each tribe has a mix of younger and older members as well as men and women. There youngest player is 19-year-old professional dancer Natalie Tenerelli. The oldest player is Phillip Sheppard a 52-year-old technology executive. There is also a 50-year-old woman, Julie Wolfe who is a firefighter and Steve Wright who is a 51-year-old former NFL player.

The rest of the Survivor Redemption Island cast is made up of an eclectic mix of people including a former U.S. Marine, a yoga instructor, a nurse, a student, a farmer, two attorneys, a waitress and a visual effects producer. It also seems like a pretty even split when it comes to age. Of the 18 castaways seven of them are under the age of 30 and the rest are over 30 (there is one that is just barely over at 31-years-old).

With these two big twists, the added all-star and the Redemption Island, it sounds like they have all the makings for another fun filled, drama packed season of Survivor.

Make sure you tune in to the Survivor Redemption Island which will premiere February 16th on CBS.



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