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Jersey Shore Season 2 Recap: Grenades and Catfights and Spray Tan Oh My!

Posted by on July 30, 2010 at 3:21 PM EST

jersey shore miamiJersey Shore Season 2 premiered last night in Miami and it was full of grenades, catfights and spray tan.

We rejoin the cast of the cultural phenomenon “Jersey Shore” as they take on Miami for this second season.

The Situation and Pauly D start the season off as we join them on their long trip from the Jersey Shore to Miami. Jwoww and Snooki are also headed towards South Beach as they try and race to beat the boys. (The Situation and Pauly D)

I can’t help but to mention Snooki’s on-screen shot at President Obama. Snooki complains about the tax on tanning that Obama has recently enforced as she blasts her face with bronzer. Get a grip on reality, if you don’t want to pay for a tan, step your lazy ass outside and get a natural tan, it’s really not complicated.

The Situation and Pauly D make it to South Beach first and choose the bedroom of their choice. To their surprise, the drama-filled Angelina walks through the door and immediately says she will be bunking with Pauly and Mike. Angelina is hated by all of the girls of the house prior to last season. Vinny follows Angelina as the next person to arrive in the South Beach house.

Ronnie and Sammi who have recently split up from dating are the next to arrive to the Miami house. Finally, Snooki and Jwoww are the last to arrive and do not give Angelina a warm welcoming.

The drama begins almost instantly as Jwoww and Snooki let Angelina know they do not like her and intend to ignore her as if she was a fly on the wall.

For their first night out in Miami, the Jersey Shore cast hits the town. Right out of the gate the drama between Ronnie and Sammi starts, as she doesn’t think she can handle rooming with her ex-boyfriend.

Somehow the cab ride turns into an all out catfight as Jwoww, Snooki and Sammi all turn against Angelina.

Meanwhile the guy’s cab is silent as they head towards a fun night out on the town. Amidst everyone having fun, Angelina is left as the odd one out after the blowup in the cab ride to the club.

A fight breaks out between Ronnie and Sammi at the club and this leads to Sammi, Jwoww and Snooki leaving to go back to the South Beach house.

The night ends with Vinny, The Situation, Angelina and Ronnie tearing up South Beach, Jersey Shore style. Ronnie gets so annihilated that he starts getting with grenades and landmines. As The Situation explains, a grenade is a bigger ugly chick while a landmine is a thin ugly chick.

At the end of this hour-long Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere I can say that I honestly don’t get the hype. All I got out of it is a bunch of spray-tan loving rejects making themselves look like complete morons on national television.

Tune in next week as Jersey Shore Miami returns at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.



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