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Tech Robot 1/11/11: MySpace Reduces Staff and Verizon iPhone

Posted by on January 11, 2011 at 1:41 PM EST

myspace1/11/11 is upon us and MySpace reduces its staff by 47% and the Verizon iPhone announcement generates buzz.

MySpace reduces staff is trending today on 1/11/11 shortly after the Facebook Shutdown rumors ignited. However, the MySpace rumors are officially true as Mike Jones plans to proceed with the layoffs. Could Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook Empire have something to do with the layoffs? Also topping headlines today is the Verizon (VZW) iPhone announcement / press conference which sets the iPhone heading to Verizon customers with a February 10 release date.

Perhaps news that nobody cares about is the Myspace reduces staff news. I mean unless you are directly affected by the 47% reduction, who cares? To be honest I didn’t even think MySpace was still around as everyone uses Twitter and Facebook nowadays. If anyone is to blame for the layoffs, I’d think it would be Mark Zuckerberg, whose social networking empire is valued at $50 billion. Perhaps Zuckerberg and Mike Jones (CEO of Myspace) will get together and negotiate a buyout.

The Verizon-Apple press conference today is surely what everyone will be talking about until the February 10 release date. Verizon Wireless customers will finally be able to purchase the highly coveted iPhone 4. Granted they will be locked into a 2-year contract less than a year away from the iPhone 5 release (stupid?) but let them do what they please. The Verizon iPhone has people going crazy but to me it’s no big deal, I prefer Android.



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