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Steven Tyler 2011 American Idol Candidates

Posted by on January 11, 2011 at 1:13 PM EST

steven tylerSteven Tyler impressed with American Idol 2011 candidates.

Steven Tyler is the latest judge for American Idol, and he is clearly “wowed” by the latest hopefuls. Tyler, who has announced desires to release a new Aerosmith album before the end of the year, spoke with Entertainment Weekly recently.

Meet The New American Idol Judges!

In the interview, Tyler gushed praises about how talented the contestants were, saying “It’s just amazing how the youngest of them all came out with bravado, came out with moxie, came out with balls and chutzpah and felt like they’ve been around here for 30 years.”  Those are pretty nice compliments, especially coming from someone who has been widely regarded as one of the most influential musicians in Rock & Roll. Tyler also remarked on the precociousness of some of the contestants, saying, “It’s just astounding – some of them are 15 and look like they’re 30, and some of them are 30 and look like they’re 15.”

Steven Tyler has also received criticism from fellow rock musicians for his move to take on the role of judge on American Idol. Kid Rock has publicly chastised the rock icon, saying the Aerosmith singer’s decision was the “stupidest thing he’s ever done.”  And what exactly has Kid Rock been doing lately? Dare I say I note a twinge of jealousy from the Rock n Roll has been? With a new album in the works, it seems like a pretty smart move on Steven Tyler’s part to get back in the public spotlight. Props to Tyler for maintaining a strong celebrity presence all these years!



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