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Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana Finale and Salvia Ban

Posted by on January 10, 2011 at 8:04 PM EST

hannah montanaMiley Cyrus Hannah Montana Series Finale and Salvia Ban.

Miley Cyrus fans prepare for the Hannah Montana series finale on Disney. On top of Miley’s show coming to an end, she also being marked as the reason for a movement to ban Salvia in more states. I guess that bong hit wasn’t as good for business as everyone had thought.

Miley Cyrus fans are preparing for Hannah Montana to end… forever!  It has been announced that the Hannah Montana series finale will air this Sunday January 16th on Disney. The show will come to a conclusion and we will see Miley faced with quite the dilemma. Will she move off to college or ditch school to star in a movie? I know for a lot of fans it will be a sad day as their favorite singing Disney star will no longer grace their TV sets.

I already reported on the Miley Cyrus bong hit Salvia ban earlier so I’ll make this short and sweet. While no direct correlation has been confirmed it only seems coincidental that lawmakers are pushing to ban the infamous Miley drug. It is said that shortly after the bong hit video was released, Salvia retailers started marketing their product as Miley’s “it” drug. Despite a boost is sales, it turns out the whole Cyrus incident may have been bad for business as it is now under scrutiny and faces several state bans.

As an added bonus, enjoy this Hannah Montana finale preview clip:



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