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BCS National Championship 2011: Oregon vs. Auburn on ESPN

Posted by on January 10, 2011 at 5:24 PM EST

bcs nationsal championship 2011BCS Championship Game 2011 pits Auburn Tigers vs. Oregon Ducks tonight on ESPN.

BCS National Championship Game tonight at 8pm EST on ESPN pits Darron Thomas and Oregon against Cam Newton and Auburn. Aside from the obvious glory of winning the national championship, tonight’s game provides both teams a change to put themselves on the map.

Auburn has a long and storied history in college football. From 1910 Auburn has been awarded a national championship of some form seven different times. Remember, it was only recently that the BCS started. Before that there were rankings and then various polls so it was possible for there to be co-champions or even multiple way splits. During these seven title runs Auburn Tigers have amassed a record of 76-4. They have had three players win the Heisman Trophy and the Heisman Trophy’s namesake John Heisman was even a coach at Auburn for four years. NFL players like Bo Jackson, Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, Carnell “Cadillac” Williams and Carlos Rogers are among the Auburn players taken in the first round of the NFL draft. You can add in guys like Takeo Spikes, Rudi Johnson and Ben Tate and you have just a few of the 33 former Tigers currently playing in the NFL. For Auburn, a win tonight would further solidify their legacy as one of the greatest college football programs in the nation.

For the Oregon Ducks it is all about respect. Being a west coast team means you often don’t get the TV coverage that many east coast teams do. For years the Pac 10 was considered to be a subpar division when compared to others. For many, when it came to football, the Pac 10 was simply USC, Stanford and a bunch of other schools. Add in the slight that many Duck fans still talk about from 2002 and there are many Duck fans that have a chip on their shoulder. The slight I mention is when in 2002 the AP Poll and Coaches Poll both had the Oregon Ducks ranked #2 in the nation. Those same polls had Nebraska ranked 4th, yet the BCS chose Nebraska to play for the national championship against Miami. Miami destroyed Nebraska while Oregon dismantled Colorado. It has been eight long years since that game and finally Duck fans get a chance at redemption and a chance at some respect on the national stage. A win tonight would put them on the map and do wonders to get more exposure for Pac 10 teams.

To me the difference could come down to defense. The Ducks have the top ranked offense in the nation and the Auburn has the 4th ranked offense. However, the Ducks defense is ranked 12th while Auburn is ranked 54th. There are many who think that Auburn is a one man team. If the Ducks can stop Cam Newton, they can win easy. Stopping Newton will not be an easy task. No team has yet to do it this year, so the Ducks have their work cut out for them. This could be a shootout with a lot of points on the board. It might come down to who has the ball last. Many experts expect it to be a close game. Auburn is around a 3 point favorite, but the over under is around 74 points. Expect fireworks, plenty of quarterback options by Auburn and likely some interesting, if not very ugly, uniforms from the Ducks.

Tune in tonight for the BCS National Championship Game at 8|7c on ESPN.



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  1. Yellow socks should be banned.. They ruined the entire game… never saw the game only a tap dance of yellow ridiculus socks!! Pansies !

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