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Celebrity Rehab Recap: Rachel Uchitel Defends Leif

Posted by on January 10, 2011 at 3:51 PM EST

celebrity rehabCelebrity Rehab Season 4 Episode 8 recap with Dr. Drew.

Celebrity Rehab continues and it’s Day 16 at the Pasadena Recovery Center and the patients are still out having lunch when Leif Garrett makes a trip to the bar to order a beer, wanting to “just see what it would feel like to have it in my hand”.  Counselor Bob Forrest brings Leif back to the group where a heated discussion occurs with Rachel Uchitel defending Leif. Residential treatment technician Shelly Sprague gets upset with Bob’s casual attitude towards Leif’s behavior and pushes for him to be discharged. After speaking with Dr. Drew and other members of the staff, it is decided Leif will stay in the program.

Jeremy London discovers his wife, who is receiving treatment herself for opiate addiction on the other side of the center, sold “career destroying” information to the National Enquirer in 2008 and lied to him about it. London’s wife, Melissa tries to speak with Jeremy but when he walks away from her, goes to Dr. Drew to set up a meeting. The two meet with Dr. Drew where really he simply asks them to not speak ill of each other in front of their son and to wait until they are both further along in their sobriety before discussing the leaked story.

In group, the patients discuss reaching their “bottoms”. Jason Davis says he has had “multiple bottoms”; the first had to revive a friend who had become unresponsive after a drug overdose. Another was having a needle broken off into his arm. Leif’s bottom came about after his Mom took a Polaroid of him, later he looked at it and was disgusted with his appearance.  Celebrity Rehab Alumni Tom Sizemore, Mackenzie Phillips and Mike Starr stopped by to share their experience on the show and subsequent recovery. All three are currently sober and offered help to current patients.

At this point in treatment the patients are asked to delete any phone numbers in their phones that belong to any person that could threaten their sobriety. Frankie Lons refuses to delete the numbers, when Shelly confronts her on this, Frankie  blows up and says she feels that deleting those numbers aren’t going to make a difference in her recovery and that Shelly’s 14 years of sobriety do not make her any less likely to relapse.  The argument ends with Shelly giving Frankie a triple “F**k You” from behind the med room door.

The celebrity’s stint at the Recovery Center is almost over and I haven’t heard Dr. Drew mention sober living to any of them. Is there no plan for another “Sober House”? It’ll be interesting to see what Dr. Drew suggests for this group of addicts after rehab.



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