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Miley Cyrus Rehab with Demi Lovato

Posted by on January 9, 2011 at 11:15 AM EST

miley cyrus rehabMiley Cyrus rehab bound to join Disney star Demi Lovato for therapy?

Miley Cyrus rehab is something we don’t really expect but we can’t rule it out. I mean look at the track record for Disney stars who have sought therapy. Demi Lovato and Lindsay Lohan come to mind so the rumors of the young Hannah Montana star seeking treatment aren’t exactly far-fetched. Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab made a statement about Cyrus and thus the rumors were born.

Let’s just clear this mess up right away as Miley Cyrus is not going into rehab. Yes, Dr. Drew said she is a young woman in pain but that is his own opinion. To be honest I feel that Miley has made huge strides and I feel that she will mature in the year 2011. 2010 was quite the crusade for her with the infamous Bong video and several nude photo rumors. Let’s not forget to mention her parents Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus’ divorce.

That being said, why don’t we just sit back and see how 2011 goes for Miley and then jump to rehab conclusion. Let the poor girl live her life for once and she might just surprise us all and turn out a mature adult. Once again, the Miley Cyrus rehab rumors are completely false.



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  1. Tim, to be fair, you should mention that these so-called rumors of Miley Cyrus going to rehab started with a parody, on a parody site, that was clearly labeled as a parody. If people are so stupid that they are reading spoofs as real news, they don’t belong on the internet!Every kid I knew when I was a teenager, every last one, tried illegal drugs at least once. So far, from what’s been accurately reported, Miley’s only tried legal drugs, that is, salvia in California where consumption is legal at 18, and beer, in Madrid, where the legal consumption age is 16. So, so far, she’s a lot more legal than I or my friends ever were when we were 18, and certainly not in the same kind of situation Lindsay Lohan was when she was 18 and already a coke addict.

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