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Recap: Deadliest Catch Endless Season 6 Finale

Posted by on July 28, 2010 at 3:20 PM EST

josh harrisLast night on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, the episode entitled “Endless” marked the finale of what has been a long, emotional season 6.

This season of Deadliest Catch has been the toughest and most emotional one to date. Not only has the fleet struggled with bad fishing and unpredictable weather, they have had to deal with the tragic death of Captain Phil Harris.

Season 6 concluded it’s long tough journey with the final episode, “Endless.” We followed the fisherman of “Deadliest Catch” last night as they tried to finish out the 2010 Opi season.

Captain Johnathan rejoins his brother Andy on the Time Bandit for their last Opi season run. Johnathan had been on shore for the past couple weeks taking care of Phil Harris and his two sons, Jake and Josh Harris. The two brothers debate on which crewmember they want to run their ship, should they retire.

Aboard the Northwestern we join Sig Hansen and a beaten up brother Edgar as turmoil breaks out. Edgar, after 22 years aboard the Northwestern has decided it was time to call it quits. Of course his brother, Captain Sig, does not approve and we are left with, “we will definitely have to sit down and talk about this.”

The Wizard has had a rocky season with some questionable crewmembers but Captain Keith has led them to a small fortune, raking in the highest payout of the crabbing fleet.

Wild Bill, in his comeback tour to crabbing has had nothing but problems. In an effort to fill his tanks, he risked setting his pots right on the edge of an enormous ice pack. His gamble paid off as they hit the mother load of crab and filled their tanks just in time to escape the ice.

I am exceptionally pleased with this season as Discovery Channel really pulled out all the stops to make sure Captain Phil Harris was and will be remembered. Fans of the show definitely had their lives touched with the tribute episodes honoring Captain Phil Harris.

As the credits begin to pop on screen, we join up with the Cornelia Marie who is the last ship left out, hunting Opi Crab. The season fades to black as we view Josh Harris up in the wheelhouse, continuing on his fathers legacy.



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