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Facebook Shutdown: Social Death Rumors Ignite!

Posted by on January 9, 2011 at 10:16 AM EST

facebook deathFacebook shutdown ignites social death rumors; fans go crazy.

Facebook shutdown is the latest death rumors to circulate the internet. I am happy to say that this time it isn’t a celebrity such as Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy that has died. It is only the social networking empire of Mark Zuckerberg that has met its untimely demise via Twitter. Is Facebook really shutting down on March 15?

Do  I really need to clear up the Facebook death rumors? I mean come on people, the website is worth an estimated $50 billion, it’s not going anywhere. The highly addicted and somewhat stalkerish social networking site that is now a worldwide phenomenon is not shutting down. These are just more rumors started by some idiot who has nothing better to do with his life. You all should know better than to believe this crap unless it came from Mark Zuckerberg himself, chances are its fake.

Once again, Facebook is not dead and is not ending on March 15!



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