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Be Prepared For Shark Week 2010 On The Discovery Channel

Posted by on July 27, 2010 at 4:48 PM EST

shark week 2010Be Prepared For Shark Week 2010 On The Discovery Channel

In a little under a week, the most action packed week of television will officially return. Discovery Channel is bringing back their highly rated Shark Week for its 2010 premiere.

In a follow up to the article Discovery Channel Sinks Teeth Into Shark Week 2010 I have now got the full line up of Shark Week 2010’s six brand new shark-infused shows.

First up we have “Ultimate Air Jaws,” which will premiere Sunday, August 1st at 9PM e/p. In this revamp of Air Jaws we will travel to the coast of South Africa where the Great White shark seeks refuge. With the help of an HD camera capable of slow motion video, we will see this enormous predator gracefully purge the surface of the water and leap into the air in what is truly a remarkable sight.

Immediately following “Ultimate Air Jaws” at 10PM e/p will be the brand new segment entitled “Into the Shark Bite.” State of the art technology will allow experts to place a tiny HD camera directly into the shark’s vicious jaws.

Day 2 of Shark Week 2010 will start off with the program, “Shark Attack Survival Guide.” This in-depth guide will touch on the basics of what should be done if you ever come face to face with one of the world’s fiercest predators. Get you pad of paper and pencil ready as you will surely want to take notes when it airs Monday, August 2nd at 9PM e/p.

After you take notes on how to survive a shark attack, relive true stories from people who have faced the beast and lived to tell about it. “Day of the Shark 3” will air at 10PM e/p on August 2nd.

August 3rd will continue the storytelling of shark bite victims when “Shark Bite Beach” airs at 9PM e/p.

Craig Ferguson, who has the job of hosting Shark Week 2010 will finally get his feet wet on August 4th at 9PM e/p. In “Best Bites” Craig will travel to the Bahamas to swim with and if everything goes according to plan, feed the beautiful sharks that lurk deep beneath the surface.

Shark Week 2010 promises to be better than ever this year with six all new exciting installments of shark-filled fun.

Be sure to catch Shark Week 2010 on the Discovery Channel, which starts on August 1st at 9PM e/p.



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  1. “Great White Appetite” Show. Seriously Discovery? Your creative team is to be reckoned with in naming shows. Not sure what more insight this show will provide since Ryan Johnson has already been doing great studies of White Sharks in Mossel Bay for years, see “Sharkville” Nat Geo TV!

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