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Bird Deaths and Jersey Shore Equals End of World!

Posted by on January 7, 2011 at 3:00 PM EST

jersey shore 2011Bird Deaths by the thousands and Jersey Shore success could mean that the end of the world is near.

Bird Deaths and the success of Jersey Shore could very well mean that the end of the world is near. Should we all be running for cover and preparing out underground bunkers as the world as we know it crumbles around us? I say not but some wackos claim that our time is almost up. Personally I think that rather than bird deaths being the cause of the world to end, I’d blame the Jersey Shore show and those reality rejects.

The whole bird deaths thing started on New Years day in Arkansas. Thousands of dead birds just fell from the sky, littering the streets with their corpses. After that, 500 birds were found dead in Louisiana and then more plummeted to their death in Sweden. Experts are saying that this so called bird apocalypse happens all of the time, but usually over the ocean, out of human sight. I think it’s weird as hell, don’t get me wrong but I doubt it means the world is going to end.

Take the Jersey Shore show on MTV for example. Last night marked the third season of the overly tanned rejects and their huge success on television. If the world didn’t end after they became famous, I wouldn’t expect dead birds to be the cause of it; we are fine. You know it might be a coincidence but maybe the cast used way too much spray tan, which leaked into our atmosphere causing the massive bird deaths. Just a hunch.

For right now, there is no need to panic as scientists say the massive bird deaths are more common than we think. Common or not, I will be digging my underground bunker over the weekend and making sure its stocked full of supplies, I’d advise you do the same.




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