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Snooki and The Situation Dead After Jersey Shore Season 3?

Posted by on January 6, 2011 at 9:02 PM EST

snooki the situationWill Snooki and The Situation suffer the death of their career after Jersey Shore Season 3 is over?

While the MTV hit show Jersey Shore has made stars of most of the cast it is clear that Snooki and The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino are the breakout stars of the show and they have been cashing in.

The Situation has turned his love to going to the gym, tanning, doing laundry and hooking up with chicks into a cottage industry.  He has made an estimated $5 million dollars in the last few years and took his fame mainstream when he appeared on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars. He didn’t last long on DWTS, but while he was on the show he debuted his new IPhone app that sold well enough to shortly take over the number 1 spot on the bestseller list for that type of app. He also raked in the cash from endorsements and an array of products that had his name on them. Add in a book and the salary he gets from the show itself and The Situation is cashing some serious checks. He is doing well enough that as tonight’s season 3 premiere of The Jersey Shore airs on MTV we will see that The Situation is now driving a $500,000 Bentley. That is a lot of car.

Snooki may not have achieved as much fame and fortune as The Situation has, but she still has been making a nice amount of change for herself. Snooki has been getting a reported $11,000 just to show up at a party or club. Add in that she has been all over TV appearing pretty much anywhere someone will have her and she is growing her popularity so that appearance fee could continue to rise. She makes $30,000 per episode for The Jersey Shore. She has also released a book titled A Shore Thing. Unlike The Situation’s book, Snooki has written a “novel” that tells the tale a girl very much like her having fun at the Jersey Shore. How much she will make on it depends on how well it ends up selling.

As Jersey Shore Season 3 rolls out I would imagine we will see more and more of both of these two and they will continue to earn some pretty nice scratch. I just wonder if they have a long term plan. They seem like they might be on about minute 10 of their 15 minutes, so they better save some for a rainy day.



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