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The Biggest Loser Season 11 New Trainers Recap

Posted by on January 6, 2011 at 7:18 PM EST

the biggest loserThe Biggest Loser Season 11 recap and new trainers for 2011.

The Biggest Loser season 11 started last night. As always they have some pretty emotional stories for the contestants. They have a man named Arthur who is the largest contestant in the history of the show. He is over 500 pounds and is bigger around than he is tall. Second is a woman who was over 400 pounds. She watched the Biggest Loser and got inspired. She has lost over 100 pounds on her own, but is now on the show to finish the job. Also along for the journey is former Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner. He won Olympic Gold in the 2000 Summer Olympics, but has ballooned to over 470 pounds. Add in a woman who is a professional opera singer whose weight is holding her back from really achieving her career goals and twin brothers who are also police officers and you have an interesting and eclectic group.

The teams weigh in and we find parents blaming themselves for their children’s weight. One woman, Sarah, has lost two pregnancies because of her weight and she is determined to lose the weight and be a mom. Arthur steps on the scale and weighs in at 507. He then tells everyone that a year ago he weighed 650 pounds. Don tells the group that his son will no longer have anything to do with him because of his weight. He says his son can’t watch him kill himself any longer. His brother Dan lost his son a few years back to a drug overdose. He has a young daughter and doesn’t want to leave her without a father.

After the weigh in comes the first big surprise of The Biggest Loser. Instead of a work out, the teams compete in their first challenge. The contestants are told that the challenge will help determine who their trainer is. The teams will choose between either the team of Bob and Jillian Michaels or a mystery team made up of two new trainers. The catch is that if you choose the unknown trainers you have no idea how good they will be, but you get immunity for four weeks. The challenge has the teams having to complete a 5K walk/run on a treadmill. The teams can figure out how they want to run the race and how to split the workload. The order of how they finish will determine what order they pick the trainers in. Rulon and his yellow team win the challenge. The yellow team chooses to go with the unknowns and the four weeks of immunity. The second team, grey, also takes the unknown trainers. Each team takes the turn selecting who they want. Three others choose the unknown and the immunity so we end up with five teams with the unknown trainers and six teams staying on the farm to train with Bob and Jillian.

The next day the teams break the news to Bob and Jillian and they both can’t believe anyone would pass up the immunity. Jillian is feeling the pressure. She says she will feel guilty if any of them get sent home. With that the first workout starts. Jillian tells them she isn’t going to yell, she just wants people to do things as she asks them. That doesn’t last long and Bob takes joy in seeing screaming and being herself. Courtney, who has already lost 100 pounds, is very driven. She does whatever they ask of her and impresses Bob. People fall off treadmills, feint, puke and collapse all over the place.

We then meet the Biggest Loser’s new trainers who are serious business. The female trainer is a boxer who has twice won the Golden Gloves. The male trainer has a degree in physical fitness science. They drive the contestants into the ground and break them down. We never see the trainers faces or learn their names. They are keeping that a mystery.

Back at the camp Arthur is having trouble standing and Bob and Jillian lay into him. He says he is hurt and they aren’t hearing it. They get him up and get him walking. Bob has a good talk with him and helps motivate him. He helps keep him focused on the day to day task at hand and not to get discouraged by the big picture that might seem overwhelming.

At the second weigh in everyone is nervous. Some teams did great, others did just okay. The top team, Rulon’s team, lost over 50 pounds. The grey team’s Moses lost 41 pounds on his own – a first week record for Biggest Loser. In the end the difference between last and second to last was very little. The orange team made up of Ana and her daughter Irene is up for elimination. The teams must choose one of them to vote off the show. Ana said she wanted her daughter to stay and that she could learn a lot more from this, but Irene knew her mom needed the help. Ana ended up being voted out and was the first person eliminated from this new season of The Biggest Loser. In the after show clip, Ana shows that she has lost 50 pounds since leaving the show. The weight loss has helped her work and personal life greatly.



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