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Live To Dance Flops as Ratings Drop

Posted by on January 6, 2011 at 5:55 PM EST

live to dance failureLive To Dance ratings plummet during 2nd night; Paul Adbul a failure?

Live to Dance may be dying on the vine. Well, at least they may be dying in the ratings. When CBS announced this show it seemed like a no-brainer. It was a show that they knew would be a hit. Paula Abdul had left American Idol, but was still a household name that had first come to fame because of her dancing and dancing itself was hot. Dancing with the Stars really took things to a new level this last season with all the controversy surrounding Bristol Palin’s improbable run to the finals. With that kind of public interest a show like Live to Dance couldn’t fail . . . right?  Well, maybe it can after all.

On Tuesday night the show debuted to 10.3 million viewers. That is about half the size of the audience that American Idol gets, but still it was a decent number and not a terrible starting place. On Wednesday the show aired the second half of the premiere and finished off the first round of auditions. It also lost about 23% of its audience. Viewership plummeted to around 8 million viewers. It finished fourth in its timeslot behind The People’s Choice Awards, Modern Family and Law & Order: SVU. Worse yet was its collapse in ratings among the much coveted 18-49 year old demographic. Here it dropped about 25% from a 2.4 rating on Tuesday to a 1.8 on Wednesday. Essentially, that means that almost all of their loss in viewers was in the 18-49 age range. Not a good sign.

I would expect it to get worse in coming weeks. In two weeks the show will play head to head with the much anticipated debut of American Idol. That will most likely draw more of her viewers away.

If there is a silver lining to the clouds it is that that Live to Dance is just a short run show scheduled to end in mid-February so the odds are that they won’t cancel her mid-season. No matter how badly things could get they will probably let her finish out the full season. They have already committed much of the money by building her the dome building and finding the contestants. What is left will be pretty cheap in comparison.

I don’t know that this loss is ratings is the announcement of the death of Live to Dance, but it certainly proves one thing for sure. Paula Abdul clearly didn’t have the much of an influence on the success of American Idol. They rolled on as normal without her and now her own show is seeing the bottom drop out. Regardless of how low the ratings may or may not dip on Live to Dance I think it is fair to say that barring a miracle that brings the show back up in the ratings this may be the last we see of Abdul on primetime TV for some time to come.



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