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Jersey Shore Season 3 Premier on MTV

Posted by on January 6, 2011 at 5:04 PM EST

jersey shore season 3 premiereJersey Shore Season 3 premiere tonight on MTV has fans going crazy.

Jersey Shore Season 3 premier; this is it. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Well, okay, maybe not all of us, but those of us who like to watch a good train wreck have been waiting for the new season of Jersey Shore to start and tonight is when it finally gets underway.

Season 3 finds the cast returning to Seaside Heights where the show got its start. They will even be back in the same house where the first season was shot. Most of the cast is back with the exception of Angelina who quit the show and has been replaced with Snooki look-alike Deena. Deena wastes no time making an impression as she gives The Situation a full on lap dance and ends up naked.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast Profiles!

Expect plenty of hook ups, drama, fights and drinking. We also find out that The Situation has been spending some of that money he has been earning. He bought a Bentley and has added some women to his stable.

As we catch up with the Jersey Shore cast the booze starts to flow and the party gets started. This season will bring us Snooki so drunk at the beach that she face-plants in the sand and gets arrested for being drunk in public. As the cops are dragging her off she is screaming to anyone who will listen, “I’m a good fucking person!” Also expect some fireworks between Sammi and Ronnie. The preview show them getting into an all-out vicious fight and appearing to not just break up but attack each other. Of course that could just be editing, but at the Jersey Shore you never know what will happen.

There should be hook ups galore as most of the cast is single and looking for a good time. The Situation is ready to play and Deena Nicole Cortese says she loves making out with both guys and girls when she is drunk so look for her to be getting a little wild. There is also sure to be plenty of GTL as the crew works to stay fit, clean and tan.

Something that hasn’t been answered yet is what MTV wants the crew to do this season. Normally they give the cast a job somewhere, but there has been no word yet of that happening. I guess we will have to wait and see if they do that this season. Maybe the producers realize that the cast has some money now and it is best to just let them run wild. As Kanye West said, “I’m just young, rich, and tasteless.” That could sum up the cast of the Jersey Shore Season 3 and MTV may just go with that and let them have free reign over they days and nights. A cast with nothing to do but party could be that perfect train wreck we will all be tuning in to see.

Watch Jersey Shore Season 3 premiere tonight at 10|9c on MTV.



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