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Nightly Robot: Ted Williams, Jim Harbaugh, Miley Cyrus

Posted by on January 5, 2011 at 8:15 PM EST

jim harbaughJim Harbaugh San Francisco 49ers coach meeting, Ted Williams homeless man with golden voice of radio, Miley Cyrus nude rumors and hacker arrested.

Going in to tonight all the buzz surrounding the People’s Choice Awards but there is other news making headlines. Jim Harbuagh is rumored to be meeting with the San Francisco 49ers to discuss a coaching job. Ted Williams homeless man with the golden voice of radio is making buzz and Miley Cyrus’ hacker has been arrested.

First up are Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers. It is said that Harbaugh, who recently announced that he was done as Stanford head coach, has big plans to move to the NFL. Rumors have been circulating all week about where Harbaugh would go; Michigan and the Miami Dolphins were on the radar. While nothing is confirmed as of yet, it looks like Jim Harbaugh will be heading to coach the 49ers.

Next up is a rather amazing story as Ted Williams is making headlines. Williams is being dubbed as the homeless man with the golden voice and has had his world turned upside down. Standing on the side of the road last week, Williams had a sign that said he would exchange his golden voice for $1. It turns out someone took him up on his offer and posted the video on YouTube. The video of Ted Williams Homeless Man with Golden Voice went viral and just like that, Williams become a sought after commodity. It is said that the Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL Films are interested in Williams and his golden voice.

Last but not least is Miley Cyrus who is making headlines again tonight. This morning the young Hannah Montana star was the victim of alleged nude photo rumors. Tonight, the hacker who took over Miley’s phone has been arrested by the FBI. Of course he wasn’t arrested for the Miley Cyrus hack but justice was served and karma came into play.



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