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Live To Dance: Huge Success for CBS

Posted by on January 5, 2011 at 7:26 PM EST

live to dance cbsLive To Dance premiered last night and was a huge success for CBS as it won the night with the highest TV ratings.

Live to Dance, Paula Abdul’s much hyped and awaited new show hit the airwaves last night and was a mixed bag of dance, reality show, craziness and decent ratings. As far as the ratings go, Live to Dance won it’s times slot with a 6.4 share and 10.3 million viewers.

When it comes to the show itself, it was a mixed bag. It did deliver on one promise that Paula Abdul has been making during her promotional tour. She has said the show is open to all styles of dance, all age ranges and any number of dancers in a group. We saw both ranges represented from solo dancers up to large group and six-year olds all the way up to 90-year olds.  Paula and her fellow judges acted less like judges and more like mentors. They handed out gold stars to those they liked and tried to remain positive. The votes are cast in secret and if a contestant gets two gold stars or more they move on. The producers also seemed smart enough to keep Paula’s talking to a minimum. They let those around her do the heavy lifting and left her to gush when she felt it was needed.  Watching her reminds me of that aunt that everyone has in the family that always has too much to drink at a family gathering and pretty soon she is swearing and telling inappropriate stories. I keep expecting Adbul to do just that.

The dancing was a mix of good dancers, dancers with emotional, heart-wrenching stories and those who were simply goofs or just novelty acts. Clearly they are trying to have an American Idol kind of a start where we get a glimpse of the good stuff, while laughing at the absurd.

Live to Dance is a limited run show that will finish up the auditions tonight then it will have three weeks of performances followed by a week of final performances and the grand finale that will air on Feb 9th. The problem she may run into is that starting tonight they are putting the show on Wednesday nights. That is all fine and good for two more weeks then she will find herself going head to head with the return of American Idol. I would assume that even if she is crushed in the ratings by Idol they will finish the show since it only has seven episodes all together and at that point there will only be a few weeks left, but it seems like an odd choice to me. I personally would have her as far away from Idol as possible so that the show has the best possible chance for success.

You can tune in tonight to watch the rest of the auditions. Live to Dance airs at 8pm on CBS and will stay in that time spot (baring a last minute change) until the end of the season.



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