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Simon Cowell Leaves American Idol and Gets Sued

Posted by on July 23, 2010 at 9:16 AM EST

simon cowellSimon Cowell leaves American Idol only to find out he is getting sued.

According to reports by the British Press, Simon Cowell is being sued by a former “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant. Simon Cowell is known for his no-holds-barred attitude and downright brutally honest truth.

Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai claims that she was humiliated and degraded on the show and that $3.8 million is a fair price for the cruelty she endured. Whether Simon was harsh with Emma or not, it does not justify this obnoxious lawsuit.

In an interview with the British Press, Czikai said: “This program makes a select number of rich people very, very rich on the backs of the ordinary man and woman in the street through exploitation, humiliation, degradation and a re-emergence of modern-day barbarism with all its inherent cruelty.”

The lawsuit filed by Emma Czikai against Simon Cowell and “Britain’s Got Talent” is set for a pre-trial review to see if a hearing on the matter will even happen.

Czikai, playing the sympathy card says that any money she gets out of the $3.8 million lawsuit will be donated to charity.



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