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“Live To Dance” Ratings: Good or Bad?

Posted by on January 4, 2011 at 7:52 PM EST

live to dance ratingsLive to Dance ratings will be either good or bad after Paula Abdul premieres the show tonight on CBS.

Tonight is the night that Paula Abdul sets out to show the world that she doesn’t need singers, Simon Cowell or Ryan Seacrest to capture an audience. Her show Live to Dance debuts tonight at 8pm on CBS and if the previews are accurate it looks like Abdul is going to tap into the audiences’ emotions as well as their desire to see good dancing. How will the “Live To Dance” ratings fare though?

Paula Abdul has a rough road ahead of her. In a specially constructed dome stage in New York City Paula is inviting all comers. There are no age restrictions, you can dance alone or in a group and you can do any kind of dancing you want. The fans will vote for their favorites and dancers will be eliminated until a champion is crowned. It sounds easy enough, but she has some hurdles to jump. First off, dancing shows that are not named Dancing with the Stars seem to have trouble finding an audience. Secondly, American Idol is about to start back up. It looks like the executives of CBS were smart enough not to put her up head to head with Idol, but you know the comparisons will be coming and if Abdul fails to find an audience quickly and American Idol takes off, there will be a lot of talk about Idol crushing Live to Dance. The last hurdle Abdul will have is herself. Just watching the promos and previews, Paula seems to be struggling just to get a sentence out. I found it odd and hard to watch at time. I have a feeling the audience will have a tough time connecting with her because, at least in these promos, she seems unconnected to the world.

The hurdles aside, it looks like there is going to be some great, high energy and impressive dancing. The opening rounds will be the broad auditions where Paula and her other two experts narrow the field down so we are no doubt going to see some American Idol-esque type of crazy performances, but we are also undoubtedly going to see some great dancing as well.

The premier of Live to Dance hits the air tonight at 8pm on CBS so tune in to see Paula get back to her roots.



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