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Gucci Mane Rehab: Mental Institution Gets Icy!

Posted by on January 4, 2011 at 1:33 PM EST

gucci mane rehabGucci Mane committed to mental health treatment facility (rehab) during court hearing.

Move over Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato, rehab just got a taste of Gucci Mane. It turns out that during a court hearing yesterday in Georgia, Gucci (real name: Radric Davis). Rather than being thrown back in jail, Gucci filed a “special” plea.

It turns out the “Icy” hip-hop artist Gucci Mane said he was mentally incompetent and unable to intelligently participate in yesterday’s probation hearing. I don’t think it’s any news to us that he wasn’t intelligent, I mean have you heard the crap he calls music? Anyways, I am not sure if Gucci wanted to go to the loony bin but he is on his way. After his “mental” plea, instead of being ordered to prison, the rapper was committed to a mental treatment facility.

Maybe Gucci Mane will teach Lindsay Lohan how to be Icy in rehab. It just goes to show if you are on your way to prison, jut plead insanity and you will get rehab instead of jail time. No word has been released on what mental health facility Gucci will be sent to but god I hope they fly him out to Betty Ford.



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