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Nightly Robot: Craigslist Killer Movie and Ron Franklin

Posted by on January 3, 2011 at 8:29 PM EST

ron franklin espnCraigslist Killer movie debuts on Lifetime and Ron Franklin is yanked from ESPN after sexist Jeannine Edwards comment.

Earlier this morning I wrote about the tragic leg amputation of Zsa Zsa Gabor and the death of Pete Postlethwaite. Tonight as we wrap Monday up the internet is buzzing about the Craigslist Killer movie on Lifetime tonight. On top of that, Ron Franklin an ESPN announcer was yanked from the air after a sexist comment he made about Jeannine Edwards.

The Craigslist Killer movie is set to premiere in a little under an hour on LIFETIME. The movie will take an in-depth look into the dark, twisted life of Philip Markoff. The role of the deranged psychopathic internet killer will be played by Jake McDorman. In case you are a lover of everything McDorman, you can also catch him in the Greek Season 4 premiere tonight on ABC Family. Back to the topic of the Craigslist Killer movie and how we get to see the normal life of Markoff turn to a violent and delusional one. Be sure to tune in when The Craigslist Killer movie airs at 9|8c on Lifetime tonight.

In sports news, the 2011 Orange Bowl (StanfordVirginia Tech) is will get underway in 10 minutes so its only right we discuss the Ron Franklin news of the day. It seems that the ESPN announcer made quite the controversial remark prior to this weekend’s Fiesta Bowl. Franklin was in a production meeting and called Jeannine Edwards “sweet cheeks” when she tried to butt into a conversation; a term she did not find flattering. After the alleged sexist comment, Ron Franklin was pulled from the air and he will remain under scrutiny after the comment. It sure does seem like these sidelines reporters do nothing but stir up shit when it comes to football. I mean look at the Brett Favre – Jenn Sterger debacle of 2010 that was one hell of a mess. As more news regarding Ron Franklin and his job becomes available, we will let you know.



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