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Recap: Top Chef DC Gives Cold Shoulder in “Cold War” Episode

Posted by on July 22, 2010 at 3:37 PM EST

top chef kenny gilbertLast night on Bravo, Top Chef DC gave viewers the cold shoulder with the episode entitled “Cold War.”

Right off the bat last night, Top Chef contestants were met in the kitchen by Padma and award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein. In their weekly quickfire challenge, the cheftestants were faced with creating a meal from extremely exotic proteins.

Emu eggs, rattlesnake, frog legs and duck testicles were among the proteins in which the Chefs had to choose. Of course, being as it is Top Chef, 30 minutes into the challenge the lovely Padma Lakshmi walks into the kitchen and tells the contestants to switch proteins with the person to their left. Immediately everyone stresses out as they all attempt to create an exotic dish in 30 minutes.

After all was said and done, Kelly created a simple goat cheese emu egg omelet and won herself immunity from the elimination challenge.

At this point in the show, as the Elimination challenge was announced, I had to grab my sweater as the contestant’s cold-hearted personalities began to cast a frigid vibe throughout the kitchen.

The Top Chef DC contestants learned that they would be divided into two groups to cook for the elimination challenge. Group A would cook for the judges and would also be serving Group B and vice versa. Let the war games begin, its sabotage time baby!

While it’s great that the Top Chef contestants were able to eat and judge their competitors food, I feel that they gave them entirely too much power. The contestants should not have been able to pick the winner and loser, as shear strategy of winning the grand prize clouded the actual food and it’s execution.

The “Cold War” debate ended with chef Kenny and Tamesha at Judges Table up for elimination. Kenny will be back next week as Tamesha’s undercooked and over seasoned scallops left a bad taste with the judges. Ultimately ending in her having to pack her knives and leave the Top Chef DC competition.

Tune in next Wednesday to catch Top Chef D.C. on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.



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