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Kim Kardashian Botox and Music Video

Posted by on January 3, 2011 at 11:48 AM EST

kim kardashian glamourKim Kardashian Botox cover of Glamour and music video debut.

Kim Kardashian botox injected lips show up on the cover of Glamour magazine. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star is also following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton with her latest venture into music. What else can we expect from the lovely Kim K in 2011?

First things first as Kim Kardashian has made the cover of Glamour magazine showing off some newly injected (Botox) lips. I guess Kim has decided her body wasn’t good enough so she had to go and inject nonsense into her face to look “prettier.” I mean she still looks amazing but the whole BOTOX crap was not necessary. Next thing you know, Kim will be getting ass implants because it’s just not big enough anymore.

Changing the tune real fast, Kim K announced her endeavor into the music world recently. Kim Kardashian’s new single “Turn It Up” is your typical club song that is basically a beat that drowns out any singing whatsoever. In regards to Kim K’s vocal talent that is probably a good thing as she is about as good of a singer as Paris Hilton. On top of performing the single at TAO on New Year’s Eve, Kim K released some still shots from the video shoot (Kanye West is rumored to make cameo). If we take a look at how the music industry works right now, Kim Kardashian’s new song will probably be a hit single, giving her the false pretense that she is actually a talented singer.

Who is the better singer, Kim K or Paris?

Kim Kardashian “Turn It Up” at TAO, Las Vegas [listen here]

Paris Hilston “Stars are Blind” [listen here]

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