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Avril Lavigne Dies: 2011 Death Rumors

Posted by on January 3, 2011 at 11:04 AM EST

avril lavgine deathAvril Lavigne dies as the 2011 death rumors kick off the New Year.

Well that didn’t take long as we have our first celebrity death rumor of 2011. It seems like the Canadian rock-star Avril Lavigne has died via Twitter. I was sort of hoping that something bad would happen to the idiot who starts these rumors on New Year’s Eve but I guess that didn’t happen. Now we get to endure a whole new year of stupid ass rumors.

Once again I am confirming that Avril Lavigne is not dead. Lavigne joins the long list of celebrities that died last year via Twitter rumor. Being that we are only three days in to 2011, expect a lot more celebrities to meet their online demise as the lovely person who starts these rumors is still out there.

As I stated, Avril Lavigne is not dead, someone just started an online rumor that she had died; it is false.



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