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Chris Brown and Rex Ryan New Years Eve 2011

Posted by on December 31, 2010 at 1:05 PM EST

chris brown 2011Chris Brown and Rex Ryan New Years Eve 2011 party predictions.

These two celebrities have been the topic of recent controversy and I am sure they have plans to party to ring in the New Year. Chris Brown will probably get drunk and go on another Twitter tirade. We all know what Rex Ryan will be doing; filming feet! Michelle Ryan will be the star in his new movie as they celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011 in a classy foot fetish fashion.

Chris Brown will most likely get into trouble as his anger issues are clearly not solved. For New Years Eve 2011 I predict Brown will do something stupid, just like yesterdays gay bashing Twitter rant. Maybe, Raz B and Charlie Chuckles… I mean Ricky Romance will all party together and gloat about their recent publicity stunt. Regardless of what he does, I smell trouble for Chris Brown on New Year’s Eve 2011.

Rex Ryan knows a good time when he sees it and tonight will be no exception. I predict that Michelle Ryan will start in a New Years Eve 2011 edition of Ryan’s famous foot fetish videos. Maybe this time Rex will keep the videos a secret so he doesn’t have to deal with the world seeing them.

Rex Ryan I hope you have one hell of a New Year and as for Chris Brown; I hope yours sucks… woman beater!



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  1. te trop trop bo rihanana remetoi avec ton ex

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