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Taylor Swift Tops Michael Jackson on Billboard Charts

Posted by on December 22, 2010 at 8:25 PM EST

taylor swift billboardTaylor Swift tops Susan Boyle and Michael Jackson album this week on Billboard charts.

It is Taylor Swift’s world; we’re just living in it. If there was any doubt about her enormous popularity you need only look at the sales of her new album Speak Now to see that she is more popular now than ever before. Her Speak Now album sold 1 million copies its first week in release and has been at or near the top of the charts since. When you know an album has legs is when it can fend off other hot new releases and still sell well and that is exactly what Swift did this week.

Taylor Swift was knocked from the top spot on the Billboard 200 by Susan Boyle and many expected her to fall a little further down the charts with the release of the much hyped Michael Jackson album. But Jackson’s album will sell 228,000 copies which will only be good enough for third place on the charts. Susan Boyle will hold on to the #2 spot with 254,000 copies sold and Swift will retake the #1 spot with 259,000 copies sold. That is a whopping 29% increase over the previous week. Most albums debut big, then drop off and slowly trickle down the charts. Swift is finding herself in a situation where her fans continue to turn out and buy her album week in and week out. She is probably helped by the holidays. Many of her fans are teen and tween girls who will no doubt be getting a copy of Speak Now for Christmas, but it is also interesting that she has sold this well with only one real single being released. As more singles are released we could continue to see her sell big for a while to come.

With this week’s sales added in it brings Taylor Swift’s Speak Now sales total to 2.6 million which makes it the third bestselling album of the year behind Eminem’s Recovery (3.2 million) and Lady Antebellum’s Need You now (3 million). The only think keeping Swift from taking the top selling album of the year spot is her release date. Lady Antebellum’s album was released way back in January. Eminem’s was released in June. Swift has nearly over taken them even though her album has only been on the shelves for six weeks. If this week and next week are as strong as last week, she could find herself with total sales of around 3.1 million which would put her as the second biggest selling album of the year. One hell of a feat considering the competition, the state of the economy and the short amount of time her album has been on the shelves.

With what promises to be a big world tour, more singles and high quality videos to come, there is no end in sight to Taylor Swift’s reign as the queen of the music industry.



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