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DMX One Year In Prison For Violating Probation

Posted by on December 16, 2010 at 9:47 PM EST

dmx jailDMX is going back to prison for another year after violating his probation by drinking alcohol.

DMX was sentenced to one year in prison today by an Arizona judge. The sentence comes after DMX (real name Earl Simmons) admitted that he violated his probation by drinking alcohol.

This is DMX’s seventh stint in jail in the last ten years. His most recent stint, the one for which he just broke his probation, saw him get jailed for assault as well as using a false identity in an effort to get out of paying a $7,500 hospital bill. He was on probation for these crimes and was staying in an alcohol/drug treatment center. The center let him out for one night to perform a concert in nearby Scottsdale, AZ. During/at the show he drank alcohol which violated his probation. He had denied other charges that were pressed against him including drug charges and failing to submit to a drug test.

Today DMX admitted drinking and was giving one year in prison. At the time of his violation he was just three months shy of completing his 18 month substance abuse program.

DMX has now officially fallen from being one of the biggest, hottest names in hip hop to being a guy who can’t stay out of jail. He now joins fellow rappers T.I., Ja Rule and Lil Wayne who are all either currently locked up or in Wayne’s case recently released. They should all petition to have their location changed so they can serve together. It could be one hell of a prison band.

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