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New Music Tuesday: Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Crystal Bowersox

Posted by on December 14, 2010 at 4:49 PM EST

crystal bowersoxToday marks the release of brand new music and in this wrap-up I will discuss new albums by Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Crystal Bowersox, Ciara and Ryan Adams.

There is a lot of new music hitting the shelves this week as we come onto the home stretch for holiday shopping. The biggest release this week is the new Michael Jackson record. I’m going to cover that in a larger review of just that album so check that out if you are interested in Michael. As for the rest of the stuff, here are some selections for the week (R. Kelly, Ciara, Crystal Bowersox).

R. Kelly has a new album titled “Love Letter.” This album finds Kelly paying his respects to the soul men who came before him. The entire record is essentially one big love letter. Maybe it is to one person, maybe to many, it is hard to say. This is a decidedly more subdued Kelly than we have seen in the past. He is less sexual and more about love and emotion. Maybe all of his recent legal trouble plays a role in this, or maybe this is just what he felt like doing. His private life, legal troubles and inner demons aside, the guy is talented and this record should make his fans very happy.

III/IV” is the new album by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. Back in 2007 Ryan Adams and The Cardinals went into the studio to record a record a single album. They did just that, but they also recorded another 60+ tracks while there. Over the years they have been slowly mixing, mastering and releasing that material. This two disc set (for the price of one) are the 3rd and 4th volumes of that material and it finds Adams at his haggard, crazy and lunatic best. He sings about pizza, ninjas, sex and his love of the 80’s and he does it in a way that is always fun, earnest and loud. Ryan Adams is known to go off in all different directions musically and these two albums are excellent examples of that. Some people may hate it, but if you like him, just strap in for the ride, give yourself over to the experience and have fun.

Ciara’s new disc “Basic Instinct” brings her back to the radio and onto video with more of what she does best which is smooth, sexy R&B with a hip hop flavor and beat you can dance to.  With her last album not selling very well despite making it to number 3 on the charts, she seems back to prove that she can regain her form of her earlier records. She seems to have cut back on the number of producers she worked with on this album in an effort to focus the sound. The bottom line is simple. If you are a Ciara fan, you should really like this record.

In other releases we have a few notables. American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox has her debut “Farmer’s Daughter” out.  It is available most places for a very reasonable price. In other reality/TV show related releases Greyson Chance released his debut album “Waiting outside the Lines.” He shot to fame when a video of him playing piano and singing a Lady Gaga song blew up on YouTube. Ellen DeGeneres had him on her show and got him a record deal. This is more an EP with just a few songs including his cover of Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and two originals he wrote. Adele’s new album “Hometown Glory” is out today. It is an import so all stores may not have it, but you can get the MP3’s at just about any online store. There is also gold remastered version of Phil Collins’ classic album “Face Value” out as well. It is a little expensive, but if you are a Collins fan it may well be worth it.



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