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Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and 9 Minute Rant

Posted by on November 26, 2010 at 7:43 PM EST

kanye-west-taylor-swift-george-bush-speachKanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is on track to become number 1, and a 9 minute rant live on stage.

Kanye West just can’t stay out of the controversy. His newest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” dropped this week and he wasted no time taking aim at all his detractors. Kanye put on a show in New York celebrating it release and mid-performance went on a nine minute long rant that covered everything from his album sales to the media to George Bush and Taylor Swift.

He claimed that Taylor Swift never defended him and that she rode the wave “and rode it and rode it.” In short, Kanye seemed angry that even after he apologized to her and made a few different public apologies she never defended him as people kept bashing him and piling on. She just let the bashing continue and let the good will flow towards her during all of this. He compares her reaction to his interrupting her to when he called President Bush out saying that he didn’t like black people when then President George Bush failed to respond quickly to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. He said he rode the wave with the Bush comment and Swift did the same. He also said had he not been drunk, he would have stayed on stage with Swift a lot longer.

Kayne says that the sales of his album validate his feelings. He sold over 100,000 downloads and is on pace to sell 600,000 records. He will debut at the top of the Billboard charts and is receiving rave reviews. The sales, in Kayne’s eyes, vindicate him of all the criticism. He has had a rough year filled with endless criticism and a lot of people saying some pretty harsh things about him, but the sales prove that he is bulletproof to that. After it is all said and done his fans still love him and still love his music.

If Kanye is ranting like this only a few days after the release of his album, what happens when it goes platinum? I have a feeling the apologetic, thoughtful and introspective Kanye we saw a few months ago is fading and the brash, confrontational Kanye is coming back. How far will he take it? How much is enough and at what point will people eventually turn on him and stop buying his album?

At least, for now, that day is not in sight. Kanye has done something that most people can’t. Through his leak Fridays and the 30 minute mini-movie he released he has already leaked most of the tracks from this current album, he then released it as a full record and it is good enough that it is selling like crazy. So Kanye got us to buy what he already gave us for free. With that in mind I think this current rant is just the first of what could be an interesting Kanye filled few months to come.



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