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Kanye West Review: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Is A Lyrical Masterpiece!

Posted by on November 23, 2010 at 9:53 AM EST

kanye west reviewKanye West has just dropped his new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Kanye West’s long awaited new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is everything you could want it to be and then some. It has been a hell of a year for Kanye West. He has had a couple of high profile meltdowns starting with the Taylor Swift incident. By now we all now know the story of when he got drunk at the 2009 VMAs, jumped on stage and took the mic from Taylor Swift to say that Beyonce had the best video of all time. This was followed by him saying he was sorry a million times and it seemed like the nation was split into team Taylor or Team Kanye. Kanye West disappeared for a while. He took some time off, broke up with his girlfriend and the returned to the studio.

The question surrounding the album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was: will this be Kanye’s apology record? Will he say he is sorry once and for all to those he has hurt and/or offended not just this year, but in the past as well? The answer is a resounding fuck no! Instead of saying he was sorry Kanye West put his middle finger in the air and dissected himself. He lets the world know this is who he is. This is what he is. He is at times sorry for that because he knows it isn’t easy to deal with, but he also lets you know that it isn’t like he didn’t warn you. If you get in the cage with a tiger, don’t be shocked if you get bitten.

There is an enormous amount of inner reflection on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and that is what Kanye West does best. Few people turn the knife on themselves like Kanye does. He bleeds the truth. In “Runaway” he flat out says it. He is an asshole and a douchebag. He warns women to run away as fast as they can. On “PowerKanye West shows that his swagger is still unharmed as he says the screams from the haters makes great theme music, but he is a little desperate as he raps “the schools are closed/the prisons open/we aint’ got nothing to lose mother fucker we rollin’.”Kanye breaks himself down, but still confesses that he loves women. He wants romance and sex and even, at times, seems shocked by the caliber of women he gets.

While it is at time dark, hell, even bleak, the album is also funny. Packed with pop culture references and some pretty audacious rhymes there is some hysterical lines weaved throughout. A surprise cameo at the end by Chris Rock who is on the phone with a woman wondering how she got so great in bed is classic and helps bring the album into its closing phase where Kanye West finds himself wondering if he is really lost or found and if anyone can truly survive.

There are a bunch of guest spots including Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, The RZA, Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz to name a few. At times the songs get a little crowded and claustrophobic with all the different voices, but these are the middle tracks of the album, when Kanye is at his most confused. I get the feeling these are the voices in his head. Some tell him go for it, others tell him to be humble and others remind him that he is a god and he doesn’t know which to listen to or believe. The cameos aside, Kanye West is always at his best when it is just him, a simple beat and his voice telling the story and there is plenty of that.

When everyone expected Kanye to wither and write a hopeful, soft and apologetic record that begged for the public’s forgiveness and love, Kanye sticks his chest out, spills his guts and tells everyone to go to hell. He did his soul searching and found that this is who he is. He is confident, conflicted, complex, angry, confused, funny and introspective. Sometimes he’s a great guy and sometimes he’s an asshole and he’s alright with that. In a world that is striving to live on a smaller scale and conserve, Kanye is trying to be larger than life. Sometimes it works and sometimes he fails. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” documents it all and it is brilliant. This is his best record and it is probably the record of the year. If you have any interest in hip hop or Kanye West or the controversies surrounding him, get this record. It is something to behold.



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