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Lil Wayne Hits The Studio After Prison Release

Posted by on November 4, 2010 at 8:55 PM EST

lil wayne prisonLil Wayne was released from prison today after an 8-month sentence.

Lil Wayne breathed fresh air today for the first time in eight months as he was released from prison this morning.  Wayne was sentenced to one year in prison on gun possession charges and had been serving his time in the Rikers Island prison.

Lil Wayne was first arrested in 2007 when police found a loaded gun on his tour bus. In 2009,  In order to avoid a trial which, if found guilty, could lead to Wayne getting up to five years in prison, Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted weapon possession and was sentenced to one year in prison. He began his sentence in March of this year. The sentence was reduced due to good behavior. Just because the sentence was reduced doesn’t mean that it went without any trouble. Weezy spent the last 30 days of his sentence in solitary confinement. He had gotten caught with an MP3 player in his cell. Having the MP3 player wasn’t the issue. The problem was that it didn’t come from the prison commissary. So since it wasn’t an “approved” MP3 player he was punished for it.

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During his stay in prison Wayne would write notes to his fans or give messages to his family and/or lawyer and they would post them on his blog. At times his posts were so popular they would crash the blog’s server. Lil’ Wayne’s posts on the blog are almost all very positive. He never stops thanking his fans for their support and all the letters they send him in jail. He talks about working out and learning to kick ass at the card game Uno. It is a little like Lil Wayne Unplugged. He even mentions the Free Weezy t-shirts that became popular among his fans.

Even while he was in Jail, Wayne appeared to be everywhere.  Earlier this year his album Rebirth was released and while he was in jail his song Drop the World featuring Eminem blew up on the radio and all over YouTube.  In late September his second album of the year “I Am Not a Human Being” debuted at the top of the charts and featured the hit song “Right Above It” featuring Drake. The record got rave reviews. Rolling Stone even called him the best rapper alive. Several other collaborations that had been recoded before he began serving his sentence have also been released and his protege Nicki Minaj has been building all kinds of buzz around her. It is almost as if he were never gone. Even President Bill Clinton talked about him the other day on the radio and wished him well.

So this morning Lil Wayne stepped out of prison and back into one of the biggest music careers in the industry. He will have to serve three years of unsupervised probation. Reports say that he immediately returned to his home in Miami and that his friends and family plan to throw him a welcome home party this weekend. Wayne, if nothing else, is driven. I have a feeling that while other people are planning his party and celebrating his return, he can’t wait to get back in the studio to put the last 8 months to music.



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