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Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo Gone Country?

Posted by on October 7, 2010 at 4:53 PM EST

lady gagaIt is rumored that Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga are about to go country!

Rumors pop up just about every day when it comes to the entertainment industry. The latest rumor has R&B star Ne-Yo and everyone’s favorite pop-reject Lady Gaga suiting up to go Country. For the love of god, Lady Gaga keep your meat-wearing ass away from country music!

Surprisingly, Ne-Yo is the one behind all of these rumors of a “totally unexpected” country western album. NO! Don’t do it Ne-Yo, stick to your R&B and please keep Lady Gaga away from the country music genre at all costs.

With news of this unlikely duet, people are already looking back at when Taylor Swift and T-Pain did a quick single and then they turn to the Tim McGraw duet with Nelly. Yes, both of them were good, the Taylor Swift/ T-Pain duet was meant to be a joke and it worked. Tim McGraw and Nelly, while I had my doubts, it was an awesome song.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand shall we. While past country crossover duets have succeeded, there is one major flaw with this whole Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga duet. Neither one of them are country music artists! You see, with the past crossovers, they at least had one singer who was in fact a country music star.

I understand that Lady Gaga loves Taylor Swift and that she is in to country music. I hear Taylor Swift actually even likes Lady Gaga but you don’t see Swift yelling out ‘Alejandro’ 50 times do you? NO! Just please do us a favor Ne-Yo and scrap the whole crossover into country music. While I wouldn’t mind if you collaborated with a “country” music star, the fact that you are trying to do a complete role reversal with the likes of Lady Gaga is just ridiculous.

On an actual country music related topic, Taylor Swift’s brand new Speak Now album hits stores on October 25th.



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