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$10 Million Fundraiser for Weezer to Quit Rocking

Posted by on October 6, 2010 at 11:10 PM EST

weezer-breakupSeattle Man Hopes to Raise 10 million for Weezer to Break up

A Seattle man hopes to raise 10 million dollars to pay off Weezer to break up, and never produce another album again.

Anti-weezer James Burns is trying to raise the 10 million dollars online. So far only he’s only raised about $12, that’s only $9,999,988 more to go. The reasoning behind his hatred for Weezer, are you ready for this? Their last few albums were basically lack luster, and it broke his friends hearts. He wants to save his friends the grief of another crappy Weezer album.

How about this novel idea Mr. Burns (ironically, the same name of the evil nuclear power plant owner in The Simpsons) you try and raise money for some artists that really suck. Lets just say you could raise money for the following bands or acts to split up/quit; Cali Swag District, Ke$ha, Disturbed, or Jimmy Eat World. That’s a good start, I have like $15 to thrown in on that fund raiser. $20 if you can get Kanye West on the list.

I doubt Mr. burns is going to get far, and basically it seems like someone wants his 15 minutes of fame, even if he is portrayed on the Simpsons as a old miserable evil man. If he changes his mind on the group of really bad artists, I’m down to pitch in.




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