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Tim McGraw Tones It Down A Notch When Faith Is Around

Posted by on May 28, 2010 at 6:11 PM EST

tim mcgraw on tourLong time country superstar and recent breakout actor Tim McGraw admits that he tones it down a notch when he is out on the road with wife Faith Hill. Tim explains how both him and his wife, Faith, who have a pact to never be apart for more than 3 days, deal with life on the road.

When Faith is not around, Tim tells us that things get a bit wild with all the guys he is out on the road with. From extreme amounts of cursing, tattoos to the occasional nudity, it seems more like a frat house than a tour bus according to People Magazine.

Tim does know how to hit the off switch though when his wife and three daughters join them on the road. “Everybody pays attention to the language when the girls are on the road,” explains Tim McGraw.  It’s nice to see that after almost 14 years of marriage Tim and Faith still have a strong relationship and still respect each other.

Catch Tim McGraw out on the road this summer with Love and Theft and Lady Antebellum in the nationwide Southern Voice tour. You can also check out Tim’s latest music video for “Still“.



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