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Avril Lavigne’s Punk Rocker ‘Smile’ (Video)

Posted by on May 20, 2011 at 11:06 AM EST

avril lavigneFans are going crazy for Avril Lavigne’s new Smile music video.

Have you missed punk rocker Avril Lavigne? Don’t worry because she is back in all her skater chick glory in her latest ‘Smile’ music video. Dawning green hair, an electric guitar and a can of spray paint, Avril brings us back to the days of her “Skater Boy” look with this latest release. I mean, the song starts out with “You know that I’m a crazy b**ch, I do what I want when I feel like it” which is typical old school Avril Lavigne. I’m curious to know what you all think about this brand new music video?

I myself actually found the video quite entertaining. It’s good to see that Avril Lavigne still doesn’t give a shit what people think about her. If the green streaks in her hair and the lyrics to her new ‘Smile’ music video aren’t a testament to that then I don’t know what is. Now it’s time for you all to tell me your thoughts on the new music video. Did you like it or hate it? Are you an Avril fan? Comment below!

Avril Lavigne – Smile music video:



(7) Readers Comments

  1. Just love it. Avril still is electric. Surely a big hit.

  2. amazing video!!! I love it and I love Avril Lavigne!

  3. It WAS AWESOME!!! just like all of her songs and videos!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avril is one of the most rocking star of all time.
    Smile is another fantastic music video.
    avril roxx!!!

  5. i luv u avril but as a friend dont think of that way.

  6. Way to go avril lavigne 🙂

  7. Avril Lavigne’s Punk Rocker ‘Smile’ (Video it is vere cool

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