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New Music Tuesday: Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 10:01 AM EST

beastie boys 2011Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears hit us with new music this week and Florence+The Machine dish out a deluxe edition of “Lungs.”

Beastie Boys are turning heads this week by offering a free stream of their new album, “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.” Lady Gaga is releasing her “Judas” music video this week on American Idol. Britney Spears will round out the week’s new music releases with her new single “Til The World Ends.” I feel we should give an honorable mention to Florence + The Machine who are releasing a deluxe edition of their album “Lungs.”

First up is the new Beastie Boys album titled “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.” Oddly enough there is/was a Part1 that never got released, this isn’t just a strange title. The original album “Hot Sauce Committee Part 1” was due out in 2009, but it was permanently delayed when Adam “MCA” Yauch was diagnosed with cancer. There was a single released from the record, but the album was shelved. Once MCA was better they went back into the studio, finished the album and released it as Part 2. This album features some guests including Nas and Santigold. Nas actually appears on the single “Too Many Rappers” which was released back in 2009. “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” finds the Beasties doing what they do best. It is a great mix of the old school hip hop like that which shot them to fame with “Licensed to Ill” and “Paul’s Boutique” and some great post-punk almost rock sounds that feel like “Ill Communication.” The Beastie Boys have their sense of humor in tack and it seems like they are having a blast on this album. One thing that is interesting is the roll out of the album. Right now they are streaming it live on their website, Myspace, Facebook and other places. You can listen to the whole thing if you want and buy the digital tracks. Then next week the CD will be in stores. You have to know they love it and stand by it if they will let you listen to the whole thing before buying it.

Beastie Boys “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” Album Stream

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album doesn’t hit stores for about another month but it has been making huge waves. The first two singles “Born This Way” and “Judas” shot straight to number 1 on the iTunes charts and are getting serious views/listens on sites like YouTube. Now the video for “Judas” is set to debut on American Idol next week. The video is said to be very strong in its religious symbolism and may not look at the Pope and Catholics in a very good way. Normally, American Idol shies away from stuff like this that could cause controversy and potentially offend their very family oriented audience, but I guess the chance to debut a very much anticipated video is just too much for them to pass up. I haven’t seen the video, but it is said to be epic.

Britney Spears also officially releases the CD single for “Till the World Ends” this week. The song itself has been out a little while, but not on CD until now. The disc contains the original version of the song as well as an instrumental jive version.

One other thing worth mentioning this week is the deluxe edition of Florence +The Machines’ amazing album “Lungs.” This is a two disc set that includes the full original album along with demos, remixes and bonus songs. If you loved the original and are big Florence fan, this is well worth checking out.



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