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Britney Spears Femme Fatale Review

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 9:58 AM EST

britney spears femme fatale reviewA review of the brand new Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” album.

We are now 10 years and seven albums into the Britney Spears experience and slowly but surely we have seen Britney transform form Lolita to nymph to hopeless romantic to lost girl looking for direction and now a confident, aggressive, sexual woman. Femme Fatale is a marked departure from past Britney Spear’s records if for no other reason than here she finally delivers on the tease that she has been promising for 10 years.

Britney Spears shot to fame as the good girl who hinted at having a naughty side. She was the innocent, sweet girl with the nice smile who would whisper naughty things to you, but then pull back and giggle. Even at the height of her fame she remained that good girl; picture Britney in the “Slave 4U” video. She grinds and dances in an afterhours club. She is hot, dressed in revealing clothes and covered in sweat. As the sun comes up she steps outside, the rain pours down and washes the bad girl clean. That image is gone. The Britney of Femme Fatale grinds and dances then as the sun comes up she takes her catch, flies off to a tropical paradise and indulges in all things carnal while we watch.

Britney Spears has always been able to play the card that is one part naughty girl and one part innocent, sweet girl and it works because that is what we want. Guys want a girl that is nice, sweet and they can take home to mom and dad, but is freak behind closed doors and girls want to be that girl, or at least if that girl is Britney. She is the quintessential icon in that guys want to be with her and girls want to be her. She started hinting at her desire to finally unleash her inner bad girl on her last record where she toyed with us. The not-so-coy “If U Seek Amy” was a clever way for her to let us all know that she realized we all want to sleep with her and she likes the idea of that. With Femme Fatale the innuendo is gone and Britney Spears is cutting to the chase. It starts off with the first two singles “Hold it Against Me” and “Till the World Ends” where Brit finds a guy she likes and tells him in no uncertain terms that she wants him now. By the time we get to “How I Roll” Britney is inviting the guy to taste her wet fingers and softly tells him “You can be my fuck tonight.” So much for “Oops I Did it Again.” This new Britney is raw, knows what she wants and is going to take it.

But the real question remains: is it any good? The answer is yes. Sure, it is pretty disposable. All of the songs are written by other people so the thought of Britney Spears actually opening her deepest thoughts to us are gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad record. Femme Fatale is front to back, throbbing dance beats with Britney channeled through harmonizers and Auto-Tune and she spits lyrics that are chopped up, stir-fried and spread out over these beats like a filthy, sweaty, tasty bite of pop goodness.  Part of why it works is the simple carnal nature of it all. Nobody sells sex like Britney Spears. She has a way of using her voice to turn us on. She has done it for a decade and is now a master at it. If she weren’t a singer she could be the world’s most successful phone sex operator.  It isn’t all great though. After a strong start the record does tail off a little bit towards the end. Will.i.am shows up and basically gives Britney the Black Eyed Peas treatment which is to just repeat the same three lines over and over and the one song, “Trip to Your Heart” seems like it is lost in the waves. It is the lone love letter tucked in the box full of porn mags.

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The bottom line is simple. Britney Spears finally delivers what we have been waiting for with her Femme Fatale album. After so many years of teasing she gets naughty and it is fun, loud, at time obnoxious and entertaining as hell. This record won’t change the world, but it is a good time and will make you want to get naked and rub up against someone.  Now that she has shown us her dirty side, maybe the next record will show us what really lies inside her heart. After 10 years, a crazy life and all that we have all laid witness to, I have feeling she has a hell of a story to tell, maybe in 10 more years she will tell it.



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