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Eminem Facebook History, Diamond Status

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 12:26 PM EST

the eminem showEminem reaches 30 million Facebook likes and reaches diamond status; makes history.

Eminem continues his amazing comeback by reaching 30 Million Facebook likes and making history. Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson have fallen behind as Eminem continues dominating the Mark Zuckerberg social networking site. It looks like Rihanna is closing the gap as she continues to hurl towards the 30 million mark.

On top of Eminem’s Facebook milestone of 30 million likes, his album “The Eminem Show” has just reached DIAMOND status. For those of you that are unaware just what that means, Mr. Mathers has sold 10 Million copies of the album…holy shit!

We want to congratulate Eminem on both his Facebook achievement and for reaching Diamond status; keep up the good work!



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