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Brad Paisley Causes Commotion at Local High School

Posted by on May 25, 2010 at 6:12 PM EST

Brad Paisley Time Well WastedBrad Paisley, who is well known for his country tunes and family man persona, has caused quite a ruckus for one towns High School. It seems as if Brad’s album entitled “Time Well Wasted” was the inspiration behind Plainview High Schools’ (Plainview, Texas)  2010 yearbook. On top of the title “Time Well Wasted” the students also incorporated pictures of melting clocks, that in which artist Salvador Dali created while he was still alive.

Sounds like a creative bunch of students, combined a musical artist and an artistic mastermind into one great idea for a yearbook. What was all the fuss about then? Well the teachers at Plainview High took the title and melting clocks as a blow to their professional egos. It seems as if the teachers got there feelings hurt, saying that the students were trying to send out a message that the schooling they had received in their 4 years of High School was just a waste of time.

Personally I think the students should be applauded for the creativity put forth into developing that yearbook. The teachers of Plainview High need to be professional and deal with the minor bruise on their academic egos.



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