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Lady Gaga not performing at MTV Video Music Awards

Posted by on August 25, 2010 at 12:07 AM EST

lady gaga twitterLady Gaga not performing at MTV Video Music Awards despite 13 nominations.

Lady Gaga leads the MTV Video Music Awards with 13 nominations. In years past that would mean that she would be the featured performer during the broadcast. But not this year. As of today there are several artists who are set to perform including Katy Perry, Eminem, Jay-Z and Pink. While you can make an argument that any of these artists could headline most shows, this is the VMA‘s and this year Lady Gaga is the hottest, most successful artist of the moment. The fans want her and right now they don’t have her.

All eyes are on Lady Gaga. Her fans are dying to know what kind of over-the-top show she might put on. How could she possibly top the blood soaked version of Paparazzi from her last VMA performance? Is that why she won’t perform now because she is afraid it might be a let down? Is she too tired from her non-stop touring to put together a performance that she can be proud of? There is no end to the questions, but one reality remains. While the current list of performers is good, even great, without a mega-star, a person that transcends the VMA‘s as the headliner, the rating may fail.

Without someone like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift or Britney Spears, the show lacks the star power of past shows and it lacks the mystery of what someone like Gaga might do in her show. We know Eminem and Jay-Z will do well. We know Pink is great live and Katy Perry will put on a fun show. But there is no anticipation.

The MTV Video Music Awards have always been about the biggest and best acts doing what they do best. Lady Gaga‘s videos are artistic, epic, controversial and impressive. They are everything MTV used to stand for. She could sweep the night. She could walk away with all the awards and own the building and if they don’t get her on the stage people will be left wondering why they tuned in. All anyone remembers of the 2009 MTV VMA’s is her Paparazzi performance and Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift.

Unless someone is slipping Kanye some booze before the show and sitting him in the front row, MTV better make a deal to get Lady Gaga on the stage at the VMA’s. Right now they need her a lot more than she needs them.



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