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Lady Gaga Rocks Out With KISS on her Monster Ball tour

Posted by on August 24, 2010 at 5:11 PM EST

lady gaga twitterLady Gaga rocks out with KISS on her Monster Ball tour.

Recently, the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, was out on tour and ran into the rock-n-roll icons, KISS. Lady Gaga, who has already proclaimed that she is a huge KISS fan, recently tweeted a picture of her posing with Gene Simmons and the rest of the legendary band.

Much like KISS and their outrageous makeup, over-sized tongues and wild live shows, Lady Gaga has equally bizarre live shows in which she dresses up in outfits that look like they were crafted by aliens.

Gaga is currently out on her Monster Ball tour which is set to gross nearly $200 million in revenue by the time it is over in 2011. The worldwide tour has Lady Gaga setting off explosions and bringing her unique style and vibe to fans outside of the U.S. walls.

KISS, a band that has been rocking radio waves for decades, can also be seen out on tour this summer. Gene Simmons and the crew of KISS have got their face paint, boots and guitars ready as they set out on their “The Hottest Show on Earth” tour.

While Gaga and KISS are touring separately this summer, I can see a collaboration of epic proportions in the works for the future. After all, Gene Simmons is a businessman and I can rest assured he knows Gaga will bring in money with anything she touches.

Check the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Dates to see when the Queen of Pop will be hitting your town.

lady gaga kiss

Be sure to get your rock on this summer when KISS’s “The Hottest Show on Earth” Tour comes at you live.



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